Top 10 Web Design Blogs Of 2013

Are you a web designer or developer? Do you like to read web design blogs? What is your favorite web design blog? I ask these questions because, in this post, I will discuss 10 of my favorite web design blogs of 2012. I believe these sites will continue to have success into the 2013 year. Each one of these sites offers great material, tricks, and tools for you to use some of which is free of cost. If you check out these sites, they will make you a better web designer. All of these site are listed extremely high in all of the major categories like: Alexa, PageRank, Traffic, Twitter Followers, Facebook Fans, and more.

If you would like to share your opinion on a site that you really enjoy, please share so that everyone can check it out. And now onto our choices for the Top 10 Web Design Blogs Of 2013:

1) Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Well probably one of the more obvious inclusions in this list of site Smashing Magazine is a amazing place for developers, designs, marketings, and more. They offer some of the best freebies, tutorials, articles, and other useful web design information.

2) TechCrunch


TechCrunch is a site that has gotten a bunch of heat because of all the BS commenters over the past year but is still one of the best web design blogs and they have announced that they are tightening up their commenting system. They should be a blog that you keep your eyes on throughout this year.

3) Tuts+


Well Tuts+ a network of sites that are all amazing and they offer some of the best tutorials, articles, freebies, and more. If you don’t know who they are check them out. They are great for beginners and experts.

4) Webmonkey


Another great site and one that not everyone has went to but should. These guys have a little bit of everything web design, web development, software, apps, platforms, API’s, and more.

5) Colour Lovers Blog


Maybe a site that you use every so ofter but probably have not checked out their blog. They have a great place for you to get tutorials and freebies to help you become a better developer and designer.

6) Fuel Your Creativity

Fuel Your Creativity

Probably not one of the most notable website out there but site a great place to get some information. They have contests, freebies, tutorials, news updates, and more. You should put them in your 2013 check list.

7) CSSBeauty


Probably not one of the best designed website but these guys have some great information and a ton of free stuff.

8) Six Revisions

Six Revisions

This is probably another website that a ton of people have not visited but should. With everything from freebies, tutorials, articles, and more.

9) Web Design Dev

Web Design Dev

I chose Web Design Dev because I really love reading all the different articles that they post. They have a little bit of everything on the site so anyone that is involved in the web industry that is either a expert or a beginner would love to read some of their articles.

10) Just Creative

Just Creative Design

Just Creative is one of those site that offer some great stuff but really is a business page. They do sell services on this site but still have some great articles for you to read and learn from.

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